Issue #6
Beyond Blocks
Bridging the gap between blockchain and healthcare.
Blockchain in healthcare updates
Providence St. Joseph Health acquires blockchain-enabled revenue cycle solution Lumedic
This is the second blockchain in healthcare acquisition I'm aware of after EMIS acquired Dovetail.

Molecule, a "software platform to accelerate innovation in the pharmaceutical industry," has launched
Molecule uses curation markets to distribute and crowdsource intellectual property. The hope is that this can help researchers access liquidity by creating new markets for IP and let anyone - whether scientists, investors, patients, corporations, governments, or otherwise interested bystanders, signal their support by buying into the development of specific drugs.

In a blog post they state they're looking to closely work with the Open Source Pharma movement. They also signal their desire to integrate with other emerging projects in the crypto-space like Ocean (data marketplaces), Aragon (governance), stablecoins, decentralized finance, etc.

This is an exciting use of tokens! Molecule uses novel economic mechanisms to coordinate disparate parties, iron out information asymmetries, and align otherwise unaligned incentives. Molecule's system theoretically only works with tokens. The incentives break down if you replace their tokens with dollars. That's a good test for us to use to evaluate other token use cases in the space.

Definitely a project to watch.

A recap of the HIMSS Blockchain Symposium

Sean Manion reviews the first 9 chapters of the HIMSS Blockchain in Healthcare Book

Bitfury, Partners With MDW To Develop A Blockchain-based Medical Imaging System
An interesting partnership that has me scratching my head. Bitfury is most well known for their role in mining, and although they have some software solutions, certainly none of them involve healthcare.

A look at Change Healthcare and how they are using blockchain technology in their claims data

IBM's Health Utility Network expands with Cigna and Sentara Healthcare but has yet to announce their use case

Further adoption of blockchains in supply chains across the world
Crypto news
v0.2.0 of the ETH2.0 Spec was released

Announcing Graph Explorer
The Graph is a query protocol for Web3, providing a much needed service for devleopers.

Formal smart contract verification is emerging to make smart contract development more secure

J.P. Morgan rolls out their own stablecoin

The Moloch DAO whitepaper was released
Moloch is a decentralized autonomous organization seeking to solve coordination problems. It was inspired by this blog post, and the mechanics are fairly complex, but if it works it will be a very significant development for the space.

Podcast: a16z Crypto's Denis Nazarov and Jesse Walden interview Chris Burniske Placeholder VC's and Joel Monegro
Everyone on this podcast has made a mark on the crypto space in some way - Chris Burniske pioneered early financial models, Joel Monegro popularized the "Fat Protocol Theory," and Denis and Jesse co-founder Mediachain. So needless to say you'll want to tune in to hear them riff about crypto.
Blockchain in healthcare events
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