Issue #8
Beyond Blocks
Bridging the gap between blockchain and healthcare.

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Blockchain in healthcare updates
I'm tracking blockchain in healthcare VC raises, STOs, and acquisitions
If you know of any companies that have raised money, are conducting an STO, or have been acquired please reach out.

I'll publish summaries of this data regularly.

A project in New Zealand is looking to use blockchain technology to to reduce health inequities and increase access to care

Blockchain in Healthcare: No Crypto Winter Here, it’s Full Steam Ahead
Bedie Moran reviews some of the major trends in the space today. It's interesting to think about the disconnect between the broader crypto space and healthcare. From my perspective there's more meaningful work being done than ever.
Crypto news
Markets Are Eating The World
This essay is long but absolutely worth the time and effort. It gives a history of transaction costs, how important of a driver they have been in how we organize society, and how blockchains might prove transformative by further lowering transaction costs.

'Decentralized Airbnb' Starts Charging Fees as ICO Model Falters
A reminder of how precarious crypto economics is and how challenging it is to boostrap a cryptonetwork. A similar story was told last month after Steemit cut staff and renewed their focus on ad revenue.

French President Emmanuel Macron has advocated the use of blockchain to innovate supply chain management in the EU agriculture industry

Wyre Capital researcher Louis Aboud-Hogben lays out an argument for why you should care about the decentralized finance technology stack or "crypto finance"
I suspect one of the major crypto-narratives of 2019 will be around decentralized finance, and wouldn't be surprised if that is where one of the first "killer apps" for blockchains emerge.

The use cases for healthcare enterprises are less exciting than say, self sovereign health records, but have great potential nonetheless. The lowest hanging fruit would be using stablecoins as a more efficient payments system, slightly above that would be tapping decentralized capital markets to lower their cost of capital, and more sophisticated still could be borrowing against the value of assets (physical or digital) in MakerDAO.

First direct, then emergent
Tony Sheng's essay this week is highly relevant to blockchain in healthcare. He argues that we should focus first on direct benefits, those that users can directly observe (cost, efficiency, etc), instead of emergent benefits, which emerge from complex systems and are more difficult to observe and measure (interoperability, censorship resistance, privacy, etc).
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