Issue #9
Beyond Blocks
Bridging the gap between blockchain and healthcare.

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Blockchain in healthcare updates
Solve.Care partners with ridesharing App Lyft
This will let Care.Wallet users use Lyft to schedule rides to clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies. Oh, and they can pay in the SOLVE token. I asked and admins in their Telegram channel assured me that Lyft is receiving SOLVE tokens as payment, which seems odd to me as I'm not sure what the incentive is for Lyft to accept SOLVE tokens.

StrongBlock raised a $4m seed round to build enterprise blockchain solutions using EOS
They cited healthcare as an area of interest twice in their press release. My guess is that as we see a ton of new smart contract platforms come online in the next year (Algorand, Cosmos, PokitDok, Solana, the list goes on) a handful of them will try to make a mark in healthcare. 

HSBlox was selected by the small business association health plan brand of the Association Health Plans of America to power its "association in the box."
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