Issue #19
Beyond Blocks
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Blockchain in healthcare updates
Pfizer's head of Blockchain Strategy and Execution: Technology Is ‘Basically Good Enough’ to Ramp Up Production Blockchains
I mostly agree. Improvements in technology will make more use cases viable, but today there are a number of use cases which are technically feasible but fall short because there are not sufficient incentives for the right business network to participate. Figuring out business and governance models will be as important as figuring technical solutions.

Blockchain on FHIR with Ethereum by OpenPharma

JPMorgan to acquire health payments company InstaMed
A few weeks ago InstaMed announced they had a blockchain proof of concept, and InstaMed's CEO has been a vocal proponent for blockchain in healthcare.

Podcast: Faster, Better Provider Credentialing with ProCredEx's CEO Anthony Begando

Spiritus Partners Discusses Improving Medical Device Safety and Quality Using DLT/Blockchain
What I'm reading this weekend
Some NYC Blockchain Week Announcements
Having gone to a few events this week here are my observations:
  • Generally the attendees were more filtered and sophisticated
  • There was far less hype than last year and most people were cautiously optimistic
  • Tons of progress has been made during "crypto-winter" and teams are committed to building for the long term
  • DeFi was the hottest theme of the week
  • The meetups surrounding blockchain week were far more valuable than the actual events
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