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Blockchain in healthcare updates
The FDA’s DSCSA pilot has at least 6 blockchain projects
In February the FDA announced it was launching a pilot project for drug supply chain participants to pilot the usage of emerging technology that helps with tracking and tracing prescription drugs. Though the project has a broad remit, they specifically mentioned blockchain technology as something they were interested in.

I noticed the other day that the FDA had posted a list of pilot participants online and at least 6 projects are blockchain focused. This is a great opportunity to get engagement from a regulatory body on an emerging technology. Check the link out for the list of participants.

Molecule wrote a detailed blog post on some of the funding mechanisms they are exploring
As a reminder, Molecule is trying to create the future of drug development with some interesting token mechanisms. They describe themselves as "Nasdaq + Linux + drug developement." I also appreciate how they are publishing their learnings along the way. A project to watch for certain.

Nonprofit Pharmacy, University Establish Blockchain Consortium To Reclaim Medicines And Track Prescription Waste
The RemediChain Consortium is seeking to fix the environmental and financial disaster that is prescription waste and woefully inadequate medication access. It uses a distributed ledger to share prescription waste data among members, and university partners study this data to help design ways to reduce prescription waste.

If you're interested in getting involved feel free to reach out to me.

Salesforce launches a blockchain product and lists IQVIA as one of their "trail blazers"
IQVIA is a health IT giant with a wide range of activies, including their oft criticized sale of deidentified health data. They're using Salesforce's new platform for "regulatory information management" and "drug label processing."

Morgan Creek Digital is looking for healthcare projects
Morgan Creek Digital is the digital asset fund of the broader Morgan Creek fund, which is a well respected institution in finance. The folks at Morgan Creek Digital are crypto thought leaders (you may know Pomp) and its a significant that they're looking for healthcare projects to invest in. 
What I'm reading this weekend
JPMorgan Adds New Privacy Features to Quorum Blockchain
Back in February I shared Dan Boneh's Zether, a proposed method of improving privacy on the Ethereum main net using zero-knowledge proofs. The JP Morgan team went above and beyond by implementing Zether and iterating on it. The turn around time from a proposed innovation in academia to enterprise ready production feature is amazing to me.

EY open sources Nightfall, their tool for bringing privacy to the Ethereum mainnet
The above link is a great read to see how EY is thinking about blockchain and why they are focusing on public blockchains, not private ones. I won't try to summarize their arguments, but in general I agree. I think that the industry will eventually shift towards public blockchains as tools for privacy and scalability come online.

The city guide to open source
Devon Zuegel wrote a fantastic post answering the question "What can cities teach open source about governance, funding, and managing limited resources?" There are many lessons for blockchain and crypto communities here. Indeed, cryptonetworks have been compared to cities before.

Why HTC's Exodus 1s Will Have a Full Bitcoin Node
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