Issue #10
Beyond Blocks
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Blockchain in healthcare updates
Track and trace giant TraceLink launches a blockchain solution
TraceLink is the world's largest track and trace network for life sciences, and they've just submitted a blockchain solution for the FDA's DSCSA Pilot Project Program.

This is a major player signalling their clear interest in an already crowded space. It seems like every other week there is another solution announced and it'll be interesting to see which solutions get traction in the market. Some open ended questions:
  • Will more nimble vendor managed products win out over the slower, but consensus building and neutral, consortia built technologies? 
  • What is the right business model for blockchain solutions? 
  • What level of decentralization will the market settle on as being appropriate? 
  • Will the market remain fragmented or will we start to see consolidation?
What I'm reading this weekend
On value capture at Layers 1 and 2
A billion (trillion?) dollar open question is how value is created and captured in cryptocurrencies. 10 years into this grand experiment and we have some ideas but no definitive answers yet. What's more, today's leading theories are fiercely debated and unreconcilable with each other.

Multicoin Capital partner Kyle Samani explores value capture at layer 1 (think Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, Cosmos, etc) and layer 2 (built on top of layer 1, think 0x, Augur, MakerDAO, most healthcare ICOs).

I tried but there's too much nuance here for me to give a tl;dr summary, so go ahead and give it a read yourself.

Corporates Keep Coffers Open To Blockchain

Very technical: Vitalik Buterin talks about scalable blockchains as data layers

To much fanfare Cosmos launched their network this week
It was perhaps the most anticipated blockchain launch since EOS launched  in June of last year.

At its core Cosmos is trying to be the "Internet of Blockchains" and enable interoperability between different blockchains, which is among the most difficult challenges the blockchain space faces today. This launch doesn't achieve cross-chain interoperability just yet, but it's a big step towards that.

Here's an additional article talking about some technical details of interop with the Ethereum main-net.

And from me: the unauthorized sale of your health data is coming to an end.
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