Issue #12
Beyond Blocks
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Blockchain in healthcare updates
A webinar on "Blockchain Use Cases with Big Impact" by Emily Bailey of Change Healthcare

A look at venture capital in the blockchain in healthcare space
I looked for every announcement of a traditional VC raise (read as: investment that is not an ICO or STO) in the blockchain in healthcare space I could find. This only tracks public data. Here's a summary:
  • $49.8m of investment in 9 blockchain in healthcare startups has been publicly revealed since 2017
  • Including PokitDok in this count would over double these numbers to $104.8m, but the bulk of their funding was raised prior to introducing a blockchain product
  • Data marketplaces / monetization was the primary business model for 4 of the 9 startups
  • 2019 is on pace to be the hottest year yet, with 2 prominent raises in Q1 for a sum of just under $20m
These numbers felt surprisingly low. Here's my threefold explanation:

1. Entrepreneurs who would have raised VC money turned to ICOs instead.
2. Development is being driven by enterprises.
3. It's early days and we're still figuring out appropriate business/governance/technical models.

9 authors look at the challenges and opportunities of blockchain technology in healthcare
A wide ranging article in BMC Medicine touching on health data, biomedical research, genomics, clinical trials, pharma supply chain, and credentials with a guest appearance from George Church himself.

OceanProtocol is being used in pilots in Singapore and Turkey
The tl;dr here is they want to use blockchains and tokens to break down data silos. Ocean and their partner ConnectedLife are using this technology to study Parkinson's in Singapore and Turkey.
What I'm reading this weekend
Ethereum is game-changing technology, literally

Finance's Open Source Moment Is Here
The open finance movement, also known as decentralized finance or DeFi, is an early success story for blockchains with several use cases in production today. There will be a lot we can learn from the experience of this movement, and perhaps some technology we can apply to healthcare as well.

A great series that looks at privacy on a blockchain

A look at the technical architecture of a Cosmos validator
Cosmos is one the newest and most hyped blockchain projects. It uses proof-of-stake (PoS) to validate blocks. This article lays out what institutional grade PoS validator architecture looks like. It's an interesting examination, but also a reminder of how high the barriers to entry can be in the blockchain space right now. 
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