Issue #14
Beyond Blocks
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Blockchain in healthcare updates
The Future of Drug Development is Open, a blog from the Molecue team

Decent launched on April 1st with paying customers

HealthVerity Raises $25M for Cloud Marketplace for Licensing Patient Data
HealthVerity's core product is to enable their clients to discover, license, and link de-identified patient data across institutions. Data providers can license their data to buyers on the platform. They have a Fabric-based blockchain product to manage consumer and provider consent/data permissions.

Veratrak raised £1 million to digitise the pharmaceutical supply chain
They're UK based and critically provide a "document collaboration and shared management platform" not another serialization product. Regardless, VC funding for blockchain in healthcare solutions is starting to pick up, which is a strong vote of confidence for the space.

Embleema signs a strategic partnership with WHISE and the Government of Armenia

Blockchain in healthcare and lifesciences reading list
I launched a reading list of blockchain in healthcare and lifesciences content. This is intended to be a collaborative, curated, and continuously updated list. Feel free to share and send me recommendations if I've missed something.
What I'm reading this weekend
Move over ICOs, there's a new kid on the block: IEOs
Initial Exchange Offerings are the latest fundraising and speculative craze. The basic premise behind an ICO is the same, you're still selling tokens, except that's done using an exchange's platform and token instead.

There are a few noteworthy attributes here. The first is that exchanges are endorsing and popularizing projects, which hopefully should raise the quality of IEOs compared to ICOs. The second is that these exchanges commit to listing the projects they launch, which removes a key risk (11% of healthcare ICOs were listed!). The third is that IEOs are engineered to produce speculative mania through selling only a sliver (typically less than 10%) of the total supply of a project. Lastly IEOs are raising less than the ICOs of 2017/2018, though they are still raising millions.

Regardless IEOs suffer from the same problem that ICOs did: no one knows how to create sustainable value with a token yet. Until we figure that out it won't matter how a token is launched.

Vitalik Buterin's On Collusion

The State of Crypto Interoperability

Blockchain Research Newsletter #2: ZEXE and Zether
Blockchain Research Newsletter is a great, relatively unknown newsletter which occasionally reviews and unpacks important academic works related to blockchain technology. This instance they looked at two new approaches to privacy, ZEXE and Zether. 
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